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Triple Diamond Game Overview

Created in 2015 by one of the biggest names in casino gambling, IGT, Triple Diamond is a simple game which online gamblers love. The Triple Diamond slot machine takes things back to basics, so don’t expect fancy bonus features or mobile apps on this one. However, if you’re a player who loves stripped back slots where the focus is all on those all-important winning symbols, this may be the game for you.

Triple Diamond has proved hugely popular over the years; players love its addictive nature. Despite having just three reels and nine paylines, the Triple Diamond casino game offers some great opportunities to maximise your winnings. Read our Triple Diamond online slot review in full for all the Triple Diamond tips and tricks from our expert team of reviewers.

  • Simple game which will soon see you hooked
  • Pays out relatively often
  • A classic theme, perfect for purists

Review of Triple Diamond Slot’s Key Features

The Triple Diamond Logo is Your Best Strategy

Triple Diamond is a classic slot machine that champions uncomplicated gameplay. Players won’t find messy bonus games or progressive jackpots here, instead Triple Diamond offers up three reels, nine paylines, and pure casino fun.

With this in mind, the best strategy for a large payout is to take advantage of the game’s Triple Diamond logo. The symbol is the game’s wild, meaning it can replace another symbol on a line to form a win. In addition to this, the Triple Diamond logo can act as an ordinary symbol with some impressive multipliers:

  • One symbol – 2x multipliers
  • Two symbols – 10x multiplier
  • Three symbols – 1199x multiplier

The Triple Diamond symbol can be found on every reel and is hugely valuable. The odds of getting three on a payline are slim, but the payout will likely be highly lucrative if it happens. To understand the gameplay better, we’d recommend trying out the Triple Diamonds free slots game at our free play library. It’s the best way to test out the best Triple Diamond slots strategy for you.

Relatively Few Symbols Which Enable Frequent Payouts

Many online slots players seek out games with relatively few symbols. That’s because these games are simple and easy to master; they’re also ideal for beginners or those without the time on their hands to learn the potential of all of a game’s symbols before they get started. So, if you’re someone who prefers a game without tonnes of complex symbols to get your head around, make sure you check out Triple Diamond.

Triple Diamond Mobile & App Options

Overall, we found Triple Diamond worked perfectly on mobile. Despite not having a Triple Diamond slots app, the game is well optimized for mobile play and works seamlessly on most iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The mobile gameplay is identical to the desktop version and includes the same jackpot, gameplay, and number of paylines. The Triple Diamond slot machine also requires no download to play – simply head to your favorite online casino and start spinning the reels to see for yourself!

Going Back to Basics Never Looked So Good

Many of our reviewers commented on how much they loved the simple, understated experience provided by Triple Diamond by IGT. This game has been around for a few years now, but it’s still hugely popular despite not offering many of the fancy graphics and animations that video slot aficionados have become accustomed to.

Many players prefer an online slot with a minimal number of symbols to remember. This stripped back approach to gameplay gives players the chance to focus on the big jackpots, without the distractions of bonus features and rounds which often add little to the overall experience. If you’re a fan of simpler slots, give Triple Diamond a try.

Looking for Something with a Lower Variance?

One of the great things about online slots with relatively few symbols on the reels is the fact that they inevitably pay out far more frequently than their more complicated counterparts. So, if you’re on the hunt for a slot with low/medium variance then we wholeheartedly recommend you try IGT’s Triple Diamond. This game focuses on just six classic symbols, with the potential to maximise your winnings whenever you see the Triple Diamond logo pop up.

The fact that the payouts keep on coming means this is a game that’s likely to hold your attention for quite a while, even if it does lack themed animations and complex sound effects. In fact, we’d go so far as to say we found it quite addictive when we tested it for this Triple Diamond slot review.

Another Corker from IGT

IGT has a huge reputation for producing some of the top online video slots available today. And with good reason. The company is behind many of the biggest games on online casino websites, and Triple Diamond is no exception. This classic slot is a great one for those looking to take a break from some of the over-complicated online slots out there, and with just six symbols to memorise, you’ll soon know this paytable off by heart.

Our reviewers loved the simplicity of this three-reel, nine-payline online slot, and commented on both the ease of gameplay and the great, retro look and feel of the game. Not to mention that big jackpot that’s up for grabs every time you spin the reels of Triple Diamond.

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